Carolyn G. Weaver
Weaver Indexing Service
2213 138th Ave. S.E.
Bellevue, WA 98005
Languages: English
Telephone: 206-930-4348
Formats: Back-of-the-book, Catalogs, Corporate Documents, Journals/Periodicals, Newsletters, Newspapers, Technical Manuals, Textbooks
Subjects: Accounting, Business Administration, Communications, Consumer Affairs, Health Care Administration, Marketing, Organizational Behavior/Development, Personnel Administration, Psychology, Public Administration.
Comments: Freelance indexer since 1991, specializing in health, behavioral, and social sciences books and journals. Former academic medical librarian/library administrator with a second Master's in Public Administration. Journal indexes a specialty. ASI President, 2007-08. Recipient of the 2015 Theodore C. Hines Award for Exceptional Service to ASI.